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Carole Duperat Fitness Classes

Meet Carole Duperat, pilates instructor, personal trainer and French tutor to the future stars! Duperat has carved a niche in the buzzing Phuket fitness industry over her years here; she caters mainly to a group of super mums, who want first-class training with exclusive small class sizes, and teaches popular children’s classes that are […] More

How to Make Classic Carbonara with The Nai Harn Hotel’s Chef Mark Jones

Chef Mark Jones could well be the Godfather of cooking in Phuket! He’s from a family going back many generations of chefs and has won many awards himself, such as best French chef in all of Bangkok which is quite the achievement for an Englishman!  Here he teaches you one of the classic, tried and […] More

Video Production for Your Business

In this article, David Pritchard from Imageforge will explain to you why video should be an important part of your business’s marketing strategy and how you can go about producing videos yourself with easy-to-follow rules and everyday equipment. If you’re running a business in 2022 and not making use of video to showcase your brand then […] More

Phuket Tropical Island Beauties

There must be something in the water here in Phuket, as there are so many girls with astonishing beauty keep making an impact on a global stage, after being born and bred on beautiful Phuket. First of all let’s meet Amanda Obdam.      View this post on Instagram            A post shared by Amanda Obdam (@amanda.obdam) This […] More

How to Buy Bitcoin in Phuket & Where Accepts It.

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm creating a wake of new rich folk on the way. A lot of people however don’t realize, Bitcoin is not the currency of choice when it comes to making day to day crypto transactions which we will fast teach you how to get into… Crypto… the broader term […] More

Rock Salt Beachside Restaurant and Bar

If you enjoy flawless, unobstructed beach-views, a wide range of divine culinary treats, ranging from classic Neapolitan pizza, to fresh seafood brought in twice a day by local sea gypsy fisherman; you can’t go wrong with Rock Salt. Rock Salt is smack on the edge of Nai Harn Beach, the only restaurant on what is […] More

Shalimar Indian Restaurant Talang

If you’re looking for amazing value Indian food, north of Phuket Town then look no further than Shalimar. They say spice is the variety of life and if there is one thing Shalimar has an abundance of, it’s spice and if you ask us, spice used in Indian cuisine is twice as nice! This Pakistani […] More

Sumalee Muay Thai Gym’s Biggest Fight Yet Sumalee Boxing Gym in Talang could never have prepared for the fight that began in December 2019, none of us could have.  Here’s a short clip produced by our video production team that tells a bit about Dr Lynne Miller and her team’s story.  More

Video Production Career in Phuket

I’ve been in the video production business for 13 years now, starting my journey in Phuket and it has taken me all over Asia on various shooting projects. To date I’ve shot for the BBC, Amazon, Zdf, Bo Travail, UFC and honestly too many to remember over the years and generally I’m shooting as cameraman […] More

Luca Cini’s Chef Bruna Cooking Gnocchi

Many of you will already know the amazing chef Bruna from working at Luca Cinì, and we hope you enjoy the intimate access she gave our video production crew for this short but sweet video. This was an Imageforge Video Production More