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Shalimar Indian Restaurant Talang

If you’re looking for amazing value Indian food, north of Phuket Town then look no further than Shalimar.

They say spice is the variety of life and if there is one thing Shalimar has an abundance of, it’s spice and if you ask us, spice used in Indian cuisine is twice as nice!

This Pakistani style Indian food restaurant is just south of Heroines monument, offering Indian curries from as little as 60 thb!? If you’re worried that it’s too cheap for good Indian food stop worrying now.

Over many visits ourselves and many friends we’ve recommended, the general opinion of Shalimar is the quality is fantastic and they could well be charging more! 

A doubled edged sword for some… the setting and atmosphere is really authentic, how you would experience an Indian restaurant in India or maybe the Penang Indian region for those of you who’ve been lucky enough to visit. This place is basic decor, open air with fans blowing, so can be a little bit warm but imo it rounds of the experience. 

Don’t miss this place, and if you go be sure to try the onion bhajis, their chilli chicken & chicken tikka massala.

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