Carole Duperat Fitness Classes

Meet Carole Duperat, pilates instructor, personal trainer and French tutor to the future stars! Duperat has carved a niche in the buzzing Phuket fitness industry over her years here; she caters mainly to a group of super mums, who want first-class training with exclusive small class sizes, and teaches popular children’s classes that are as fun as they are physically and mentally rewarding.  Carole’s own journey to becoming a fitness trainer is a familiar one that many of you can probably relate to while hopefully gaining some inspiration. A single mom who used pilates to pick up her confidence and general power! Over the years her knowledge expanded into other areas of fitness; combining this knowledge with her own experiences; friends, and people who could relate attracted to her over time.

 I found Carole’s classes were a very supportive atmosphere, small groups of people, each supporting each other’s progress, more like groups of friends doing an activity. The regulars in the class are also very fit which is a testament to the results they get from following Carole’s methods which are sharp, efficient, brutal, and equally rewarding! Contact Carole on this number to see her schedule, which can be adjusted to suit you. 0898733033

Written by Rohishi Y

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