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Similan Island Tours

The Similan Islands have been bestowed with the title of best dive site in Asia! If you can find clearer waters that are more full of color and sea-life anywhere in the world, please tell us where! Located about 80-85 km from the busy coast of Phuket, the 11 Islands that makeup the Similan Islands are waiting in what seems like a heaven on earth environment!

This archipelago is as popular with luxury yachts as it is regular tour boats, adventurers make their way there to see for themselves why it’s consistently in the top 10 dive sites on Earth and number 1 in Asia. The crystal blue water is on a good day like looking through an aquarium window! These shallow waters are thriving with life in the form of colorful creatures and coral! The Similan Islands are heavily protected by the environmental agency and as such we can only visit at certain times during the year, this is partly why it’s so beautiful as it’s very well looked after!

The Similan Island Tour will start via pickup at your hotel, anywhere in Phuket. Take a drive up the island to Pakarang Beach, Kao Lak. From here you will start your 70 minute boat journey to paradise! The first stop is the beautiful Koh Payu Island. On Koh Payu Island you can find some of the most spectacular coral in the archipelago so it’s a must for a snorkel or dive session! After about 45 minutes here you will head to your next destination, Koh Miang.

Similan Islands Tour

Koh Miang is a hotbed of activity! Apart from the perfect snorkeling opportunities, it has a souvenir shop, restaurant and the national park headquarters.
Here you will enjoy a buffet lunch that has a selection of delicious Thai foods made to western tastes and standards.

Depending on the tide, you will now head to Koh Similan or Koh Bangu. Koh Similan is the most famous spot and has the picturesque Sail Viewpoint. Koh Similan is also the largest island of the archipelago with clear waters averaging 60 feet depth. It’s famous for its strangely shaped coral which can look like deer antlers to mushrooms on the sea bed! Above the surface you can also find an array of strange creatures such as the pre-historic looking monitor lizard and the flying sea fox!

Koh Bangu, your other option is famous for its monolithic underwater boulders! We’re talking rocks as big as a ship! Koh Bangu is a popular spot for underwater selfies and swim throughs.

The Similan Island Tour will take you back to your hotel around 6-7pm after experiencing one of the most beautiful places on earth. Now it’s time to relax, let the experience sink in, tell your friends and post some amazing pictures!

– Times can vary because of a number of variables involved with the Sea
– A National Park Fee must be paid during the tour: Adult – 500 THB; Child – 300 THB;
– 16 May – 15 October: The Similan Islands are closed for tours by the National Park.

Phi Phi Island

Rawai Fishing Village