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Top 10 Boat Tours from Phuket

James Bond Island ( Koh Tapu) By Speedboat
Let us whisk you away by speedboat through the emerald green shallow waters of Phang Nga Bay, an awe inspiring place that will leave you breathless as you see the gigantic limestone rock formations towering above as if you have entered Jurassic Park! The area is teeming with wild life which is easy to see in the crystal clear waters and the various natural rock islands during this
mesmerizing journey. James Bond Island itself was made famous by the legendary movie, “Man with the Golden Gun”. The island charmed location scouts in the 70’s who deemed it fit for a super lair for a super villain! Once you arrive you will experience the magic felt by many before you, sand between your toes, gigantic slanting cliffs and natural caves truly leave you wishing to make this your own private island! This tour of a lifetime doesn’t end just yet… Another gigantic rock sits a short boat trip away, Koh Panyee. Fishermen in the 18th century were allured by the beautiful location which is full of fish. Starting with only a few meters of beach they have built up over the centuries into what is now a village on stilts! We will take you there for lunch and souvenir shopping which is sure to tantalize your senses!

James Bond Island (Koh Tapu) By Big Boat
This trip is almost identical to our number 1 tour by speedboat however being in a larger boat has some advantages! We carry Kayaks onboard our large vessels which allow you to access secluded and un-fathomable wonders! An experienced local will Sherpa you through tunnel systems with ancient cave systems and hidden lagoons, you really have to be there and we can’t recommend this trip enough!

Raya Island Full Day Trip
Only 30 minutes from Chalong Pier in Phuket a tropical paradise awaits you. White powdery sands beneath your feet and crystal clear turquoise waters allowing you to see a magical world that wouldn’t be out of place in a James Cameron movie await you on Raya Island. A very popular location for diving and snorkeling tours because the area is teeming with sea life and the visibility is simply stunning. Lunch will be had at the famous Raya Father restaurant on Raya Island before you set off to visit Khon-Khea Bay and Siam Bay for snorkeling. Here you will find beautiful coral and spectacular sea life. This spectacular trip is just too good not to experience and is conveniently located just off the southern tip of Phuket where our office is based.

Raya Island Full Day Trip + Coral Island
Just as fulfilling as the Raya Island Day Trip with an added extra island for those hungry for more! Coral Island is famous not only for its stunning scenery but for the watersports available on the island. On this trip we spend 3 hours here in the morning, relax on this small tropical island private beach or take part in a variety of watersports on offer such as Jet skiing, Paragliding and the Banana Boat to name but a few experiences to be had. Before leaving for Raya Island you will eat lunch at the famous “Hey Restaurant”, after which the Raya Island Tour as explained above will commence!

Khai Island Half Day Tour Or Full Day Tour
Get whisked away roughly 10 km from the east coast of Phuket where the islands of Khai Nok await you…sparkling turquoise waters and pristine white sandy beaches will be the first thing you notice but look a bit harder through the clear waters and say hello to a variety of tropical fish! You will visit all three islands which are located a stone throw away from each other, Khai Nai being the biggest and most popular for swimming and Khai Nui being the smallest but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its stunning coral reefs! Khai Islands are a dream come true snorkel location! There are two tour options for Khai Island, you can experience this tour at a moderate paced half day or a very laid back and slow paced full day. Prices vary.

Phi Phi & Khai Island Or Phi Phi Island & Bamboo Island
Phi Phi Islands are among Thailand’s most famous destinations and you only have to look at it to understand why! You will struggle to find more beautiful crystal clear emerald green waters anywhere in the world and the diving and snorkeling here is out of this world.
So take a speedboat from Phuket for around an hour before getting to the first of this six island tour. Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay are the first of your activities; these are the famous landmarks where the movie, “The Beach” was filmed. So to say this tour looks like something out of a movie would be no exaggeration! Monolithic limestone rocks appearing out of the water and giant untouched looking alcoves of the most beautiful looking ocean water you will ever see is the best way to summarize this tour! Really if the stunning scenery, powdery white sand and world class snorkeling wasn’t enough to tempt you, how about the monkey beach an island covered in wild monkeys that come down to the boat or maybe Viking Cave? You will also visit Pileh Cove and Loh Samah Bay in what is an absolute action packed day you will never forget!
There are two different tours for this location, one takes you to Khai Island for snorkelling and you will have lunch at Phi Phi Don. The Bamboo Island tour doesn’t visit Phi Phi Don and instead you spend your time relaxing on Bamboo Island where you will eat at a delicious beachside restaurant.

Krabi day tour
Krabi is characterized by jagged, sheer limestone cliffs, thick forests and hundreds of surrounding islands, some small, many large but all of them, magnificent! Step aboard a speedboat that will whisk you from Phuket to Krabi provinces Nopparat Thara Beach. Along the way enjoy the coastline and many pre-historic rock formations towering out of the ocean. From Nopparat beach the first destination will be Chicken Island. Here you will snorkel amongst the coral and sealife in beautiful emerald green and warm waters. Next we will hit another island famous for its marine life, Si Island. More snorkeling or just swimming will be had here with different kinds of coral and fish to keep things interesting! Next on your itinery is Tub Island. This is a long white sandy narrow beach that links Si and Chicken Island. Simply enjoy the views, take a walk or lie back and feel the ocean breeze, soft sand and warm waters while reminding yourself you have made it to Paradise! The day is not finished yet, next we goto Poda Island where you can choose to relax on the beach or take part in some watersports. After your highly eventful morning you will head to Railay Beach for lunch in paradise! Finally after lunch and you’re feeling perfectly relaxed, it’s time to visit the historical site of Phra Nang Cave. Phra Nang Cave is a Phalic Shrine to a princess goddess the locals believe still resides on the island. Offerings are made here to ensure safe passage on their voyages.

Similan Islands
Last but probably not least, the Similan Islands are famous for their long white coral sandy beaches and crystal blue waters that are the absolute definition of paradise! Composed of nine islands this area is teeming with wildlife and some of the most beautiful scenery on earth! It’s rated the best place for diving and snorkeling in Thailand and also one of the top spots in the world. This is largely due to local conservation efforts that see the park close for certain months of the year so be sure to check availability! On this tour you will get to experience four of these islands, Koh Payu, Koh Miang and Koh Bangu will surpass your wildest dreams for sheer beauty that can only be seen with your eyes to truly understand why they are the most beautiful waters in Thailand. On these islands you can snorkel in the warm crystal blue waters or relax in the soft white sand… paradise on earth! To finish this trip make the hike up to the iconic viewpoint of Koh Similan. One of the most popular “selfie” spots on Earth for those lucky enough to get there!

Phi Phi Island